Life Beads

When I was in Uganda, Africa I had the opportunity to visit the women who make Life Beads.  Life beads is a business built to equip women to have an opportunity to improve their lives and community by making and selling the handmade paper jewelry. They hand make each piece of jewelry then ship them … Continue reading Life Beads


Children’s Development Program 

Hello friends! I'm excited to share with you. This has been very heavy on my heart this week, so I will write and I pray that God will use it for His glory.  During my time at Abaanas Hope in Uganda, I first-hand watched and learned about many aspects of missionaries work there. But one thing … Continue reading Children’s Development Program 


I fell in love with a country and people group. I can't stop thinking and dreaming of Uganda. Everything I do or see reminds me of Uganda. When I sleep I dream that I'm there or traveling there. I awake early with a start, just to calculate the time difference and pray for the start … Continue reading Love

Leaning On Him

I had a great desire to keep up with this blog during my journey to Africa. But I found Instagram and Facebook to be a little more convenient as I would only have brief moments to share mini updates.  I decided that since I have plenty of time now, maybe I will look back over … Continue reading Leaning On Him

Zambia, Africa

I have tried several times to write and have a couple written drafts, but I have struggled to have the time and words to share everything I want to share! I have learned so much this past week! I'm so full of awe in Gods goodness!  Right now we are in Lusaka, Zambia in Africa. … Continue reading Zambia, Africa

Waiting on the Right Time

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Hello friends!  Today is the day that begins our Mission Trip. We've been packing, preparing, finishing things at home and praying for Gods strength as we press forward.  The original itinerary is for my dad and I to leave this afternoon for a flight to New York. Staying the night … Continue reading Waiting on the Right Time