Leaning On Him

I had a great desire to keep up with this blog during my journey to Africa. But I found Instagram and Facebook to be a little more convenient as I would only have brief moments to share mini updates. 

I decided that since I have plenty of time now, maybe I will look back over the pages of my journal, share snippets of the journey, and the lessons I’ve learned as my life was changed through the experiences. 

Currently I’m sitting on my bunk as I reminisce about my adventures. Being back in Indiana has been much harder than I anticipated. The culture shock is very eye opening. Many things continue to shock me daily. I feel bad for my family as I constantly share about my adventures, and struggle with reacclimating to life at home.  It’s kinda weird how even little things bother me so much. It was funny yesterday I was a bit disturbed at how fat our dog is. Then someone reminded me he’s actually a healthy weight, I was just used to skinny African village dogs. Well duh! XD 

It’s also been difficult just being back in the daily life at home after such a adventure packed month of traveling and seeing God work in incredible ways. I pray that God will continue giving me the strength to completely rely on Him even more as I work through the lessons He taught me during my journey. 

If you are reading my blog I pray that in someway God will use my life and words to encourage you to seek a deeper relationship with Him and to go share the good news of the gospel! 
Keep shining for Jesus! 



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