Children’s Development ProgramĀ 

Hello friends! I'm excited to share with you. This has been very heavy on my heart this week, so I will write and I pray that God will use it for His glory.  During my time at Abaanas Hope in Uganda, I first-hand watched and learned about many aspects of missionaries work there. But one thing … Continue reading Children’s Development ProgramĀ 



I fell in love with a country and people group. I can't stop thinking and dreaming of Uganda. Everything I do or see reminds me of Uganda. When I sleep I dream that I'm there or traveling there. I awake early with a start, just to calculate the time difference and pray for the start … Continue reading Love

Leaning On Him

I had a great desire to keep up with this blog during my journey to Africa. But I found Instagram and Facebook to be a little more convenient as I would only have brief moments to share mini updates.  I decided that since I have plenty of time now, maybe I will look back over … Continue reading Leaning On Him