Zambia, Africa

I have tried several times to write and have a couple written drafts, but I have struggled to have the time and words to share everything I want to share! I have learned so much this past week! I’m so full of awe in Gods goodness! 

Right now we are in Lusaka, Zambia in Africa. We have been here since Saturday, March 18th. We are staying in a home apartment at a baptist seminary. Tomorrow is Thursday and we head to the airport to catch a flight to Rwanda, where we board our connecting flight to Uganda. 

Our time here has been full meeting with pastors and seeing the work God is doing here in Lusaka. It is amazing how strong the seeds of the gospel have flourished and bloomed here. 

The highlights of the week for me have been the strong Christian fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ. Even though we are strangers in a strange land I feel at home because the church and people of God have been so welcoming and friendly. We have a bond through Christ unlike anything of the world. 

I’ve also enjoyed the weather and learning about the culture here in Lusaka. For me it is very different than home. But in a refreshing peaceful way. The warmth here is so welcoming to me as I have a hard time with cold weather back home. Since it is the end of the rainy season it is cooler than normal for them, but to me it’s very refreshing and enjoyable. 

Thank you for the prayers and support. Some of you know I’ve struggled with ear pressure issues and asthma. Although I still struggle it has not been as bad as I expected. I also experienced a minor asthma attack, but God works in mysterious ways. He used it as a way for me to connect and encourage a fellow Zambian sister who also struggles with the same issues. So I praise God for that, and I’m yet again reminded of Gods goodness and how everything has a purpose in His beautiful plan for our lifes. 

Sending my love and prayers from Zambia. Keep shining for Jesus! 



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