Children’s Development Program 

Hello friends! I’m excited to share with you. This has been very heavy on my heart this week, so I will write and I pray that God will use it for His glory. 

During my time at Abaanas Hope in Uganda, I first-hand watched and learned about many aspects of missionaries work there. But one thing I really enjoyed learning about was the more in depth behind the scenes of how the ministry works. 

One of the days, I got to shadow Mrs. Payton as she did some filing and follow up in the Children’s Development Program. I was also able to sit in for one of the CDP meetings. 

The CDP is a program put in place by Four Corners Ministries to allow sponsors to provide the necessary funds for biblical training, schooling, and the basic needs (food, clothes, medical, beds, etc.) of specific children that are vulnerable and in need. 

I was amazed at how well the staff run this program. They work together; they truly love and care for each individual; each penny donated for this program is directly being used for the CDP; they are seeking to find ways to improve their program for the best; they involve the local leaders; the pastor; and most of all how much Christ is the center of everything.
This program has given many children the opportunity to have the gospel poured into their lives, love and encouragement, an education that will last them a lifetime, food, clothing, and medical care. To me it was so beautiful to see a ministry so focused on helping these children. But what was even more important, and strongly showed, was the pouring of love and Jesus into their lives. 

Jesus said: “And whosoever shall give to drink unto one of these little ones a cup of cold water only in the name of a disciple, verily I say unto you, he shall in no wise lose his reward.” Matthew 10:42 

I want to encourage you to pray for this ministry and what God is doing through the CDP and these children. 

Maybe you would like learn more about sponsoring one of these children and the opportunity to impact their life (and yours!) for Gods glory. 

You can read more in depth, sponsor, or send donations here:

This ministry impacted me in many ways and I got to see the amazing impact and difference it made in these children’s lives. I continue to pray that God will provide, continue working through the CDP, and through your support and prayers to further His kingdom and Glory throughout the nations. 

Keep shining for Jesus! 



I fell in love with a country and people group. I can’t stop thinking and dreaming of Uganda. Everything I do or see reminds me of Uganda. When I sleep I dream that I’m there or traveling there. I awake early with a start, just to calculate the time difference and pray for the start of their day. I cry almost daily with such aching to be back. I don’t know what why I struggle or miss it so much. I’ve tried to ignore it. I cry out to God begging him to show me what He wants me to do. But my life is changed. I have seen life in the simplest form. It has attracted my attention and captured my heart. I long to go back. I long to live where I felt home and such joy in every step I took. 

I miss having to constantly rely on God in everything. That is when I saw His power clearly. That is when I felt the most joy and peace. I miss walking in the African heat and dusty roads. I miss eating posho and beans. I miss going to the kitchen and sitting on logs to eat porridge everyday with the staff. I miss laughing with the Acholis, as I stumbled over the many greetings in the local language. I miss the children laughing and running as they played soccer. I miss the dancing and singing of praises to God. I miss the reality of how short life is. I miss collapsing in exhaustion every night. I miss the feeling of purpose every time I walked out that door. I miss the beautiful African rains as they swept across the plains. I miss the prayers and kindness of Joyce, as I lay sick in bed. I miss the bugs flying everywhere and startling me into shrieks and laughter. I miss the beautiful sunrises. I miss talking to my family in the hours when we both were awake despite the 7 hrs difference. I miss looking up at night to see the Milky Way galaxy and standing in awe of Gods creation. I miss the uncertainty each day. I miss the feeling of just being alive. I miss cooking and hoping for the best as I tried cooking with different things. I miss the bodas (motorcycles) as they zig and zagged everywhere with their massive loads. I miss jumping up and down pumping water as the locals laughed with me. I miss tasting new things like goat and fried ants. I miss learning how to communicate in another language. I miss driving over red bumpy roads for an hour just to get to the nearest grocery store. I miss meeting new people. I miss sharing about God and watching their faces light up with pure joy and understanding as the translator translated into their own language. I miss learning about a whole different way of living. I miss being covered in sweat. I miss the cold showers. I miss the feeling of love, joy and fulfillment in Jesus. I miss completely relying on Gods protection and guidance because I had nowhere else to turn. I miss my heart swelling with love with every person I met. I miss Africa. I miss my home away from home. I miss Uganda. 


Leaning On Him

I had a great desire to keep up with this blog during my journey to Africa. But I found Instagram and Facebook to be a little more convenient as I would only have brief moments to share mini updates. 

I decided that since I have plenty of time now, maybe I will look back over the pages of my journal, share snippets of the journey, and the lessons I’ve learned as my life was changed through the experiences. 

Currently I’m sitting on my bunk as I reminisce about my adventures. Being back in Indiana has been much harder than I anticipated. The culture shock is very eye opening. Many things continue to shock me daily. I feel bad for my family as I constantly share about my adventures, and struggle with reacclimating to life at home.  It’s kinda weird how even little things bother me so much. It was funny yesterday I was a bit disturbed at how fat our dog is. Then someone reminded me he’s actually a healthy weight, I was just used to skinny African village dogs. Well duh! XD 

It’s also been difficult just being back in the daily life at home after such a adventure packed month of traveling and seeing God work in incredible ways. I pray that God will continue giving me the strength to completely rely on Him even more as I work through the lessons He taught me during my journey. 

If you are reading my blog I pray that in someway God will use my life and words to encourage you to seek a deeper relationship with Him and to go share the good news of the gospel! 
Keep shining for Jesus! 


Zambia, Africa

I have tried several times to write and have a couple written drafts, but I have struggled to have the time and words to share everything I want to share! I have learned so much this past week! I’m so full of awe in Gods goodness! 

Right now we are in Lusaka, Zambia in Africa. We have been here since Saturday, March 18th. We are staying in a home apartment at a baptist seminary. Tomorrow is Thursday and we head to the airport to catch a flight to Rwanda, where we board our connecting flight to Uganda. 

Our time here has been full meeting with pastors and seeing the work God is doing here in Lusaka. It is amazing how strong the seeds of the gospel have flourished and bloomed here. 

The highlights of the week for me have been the strong Christian fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ. Even though we are strangers in a strange land I feel at home because the church and people of God have been so welcoming and friendly. We have a bond through Christ unlike anything of the world. 

I’ve also enjoyed the weather and learning about the culture here in Lusaka. For me it is very different than home. But in a refreshing peaceful way. The warmth here is so welcoming to me as I have a hard time with cold weather back home. Since it is the end of the rainy season it is cooler than normal for them, but to me it’s very refreshing and enjoyable. 

Thank you for the prayers and support. Some of you know I’ve struggled with ear pressure issues and asthma. Although I still struggle it has not been as bad as I expected. I also experienced a minor asthma attack, but God works in mysterious ways. He used it as a way for me to connect and encourage a fellow Zambian sister who also struggles with the same issues. So I praise God for that, and I’m yet again reminded of Gods goodness and how everything has a purpose in His beautiful plan for our lifes. 

Sending my love and prayers from Zambia. Keep shining for Jesus! 


Waiting on the Right Time

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Hello friends! 

Today is the day that begins our Mission Trip. We’ve been packing, preparing, finishing things at home and praying for Gods strength as we press forward. 

The original itinerary is for my dad and I to leave this afternoon for a flight to New York. Staying the night in NY. Wednesday we would take a 15 hour flight into Johansburg, South Africa, stay the night with dads college friend, then take a flight the next day to Lusaka, Zambia. After about a week there we would go on to Entebbe, Uganda, and stay at Abaanas Hope in Gulu, with Four Corners Ministries for 2 weeks. From there we would go back to South Africa, New York, then back home to Indiana. 

Last night we were told our flight from Indianapolis to New York, was cancelled due to a major snow storm. We thought we had another flight out for this evening but it seems that all flights have been cancelled for today.  Since we won’t be in New York we will also miss our flight out to South Africa. 

Please pray as we wait for the storm to pass and for our flights to be rescheduled. As of now we have no clarity as to when we’ll be able to get a flight out. It could be as late as Friday. 

I’m just resting in Gods sovereign will as we pray and wait patiently. He has a purpose in everything. I would much rather be in the center of Gods Will than anywhere else. 

“Wait on the Lord: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the Lord.”‭‭ Psalms‬ ‭27:14‬ ‭

“But it is good for me to draw near to God: I have put my trust in the Lord God, that I may declare all thy works.”‭‭  Psalms‬ ‭73:28‬ ‭